Treat your brain like a muscle...maximize its resources!


Are you interested in learning what the best strategy is for keeping your brain healthy and operating at peak performance at any age?  Then this is an online course you need to purchase!

This program shares the latest scientific research on the six keys that have the largest impact on brain fitness.  

The scientific community believes that brain health and heart health are similar in that both need to be maintained by a healthy lifestyle.  The course covers the research while offering practical tips for having a lifestyle that matches the science.  

At the end of each session, you will be asked to do a self-assessment on the Wheel of Brain Health.  Is your Wheel of Brain Health taking you where you want to go in life, or are you dealing with a flat tire?   


This introduction will outline the course structure and provide an overview of the material covered in-depth. It also introduces the Wheel of Brain Health, which will be utilized throughout the course. This innovative activity will reveal personal insights.

Lesson 1: Nutrition

In this lesson, you will learn which foods impact the brain's function and memory.  You'll understand why your food choices are critical to brain health.  You'll be empowered to make the best choices for maximum brain fitness!

Lesson 2: Exercise

Exercise is essential for brain health as well as overall well-being, and this lesson covers how and why. It also details the types of exercise that are most beneficial. You will learn how to develop a well-rounded exercise routine that includes a balance between cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Lesson 3: Sleep

Lesson 3 explores sleep and its impact on brain function.  You'll learn about each of the different sleep stages of sleep and how they affect brain health. You'll also find some suggestions for improving your sleep for better brain fitness!

Lesson 4: Mental Challenges

Mental challenges are an important part of keeping your brain healthy. Current research is identifying the best activities for improving brain health. This lesson will highlight the most effective ones to get you started.

Lesson 5: Emotions and Stress

Your emotions have a strong impact on your brain function. This lesson explores how your response to events defines stress, produces emotion, and how it can affect your brain health and memory. It will also outline ways to keep emotions in check and stress levels down.

Lesson 6: Social Interaction

Your social interactions are very important to brain fitness!  Learn how your interactions with others impact on a healthy brain and how to structure your interactions for the best brain benefits.


This summary reviews what you have learned throughout the course to tie it all together, and gives you concrete steps for targeting areas of greatest benefit for improvement. It provides a timeline for continuous checks to evaluate ongoing progress.